Public Speaking

From a journey across the Arctic ice so bold that I was one of the Top Ten National Geographic athletes of the year, to that moment when I stood naked, balanced on one leg in front of Moolynaut, a Koryak shaman: Deep Wild builds mindfulness; where we find Fun, Fulfillment, Creativity, Compassion, Flow, and Productivity. This ancient message is so universal, that in storytelling fashion, backed by stunning imagery, I have spoken for: Outdoor Adventurers and Environmentalists and also for Rough and tumble Railroad Workers in Montana, and staid project managers in Silicon Valley.

I’ve given over 200 performances, sometimes in small bookstores and often in prestigious venues such as Lincoln Center in New York, Mountain Film in Telluride, the Omega Center and the Open Center in New York City, The Banff Film and Book Festival, TED-X, Yale University, The Harvard Travelers Club, and the corporate boardrooms of Montana Rail Link and  

Sample Talks

Crocodiles & Ice: Adventure & Environmental Groups

What do travels in remote landscapes teach us about our place as humans in this internet-crazed, oil-soaked, consumer-oriented modern world? In Jon Turk will take you on a trans-global adventure where we encounter hardship and ecstasy; meet Moolynaut, one of the last of the ancient Siberian healers born in a skin tent; camp with a white wolf that lingers and a polar bear that didn't eat us; and ride our bikes across the Tibetan plateau to the birthplace of the Dalai Lama. These stories springboard the discussion into the “Consciousness Revolution” that must underlie humanity’s greater journey into the 21st century – with any reasonable hope of creating a peaceful, equitable, healthy, and sustainable world. 

Flow, Fun, Zen: Mindfulness in Business

In kindergarten we all learned, "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough get Going."  And that was the motto and message of expedition adventure athletes for many decades.  But as athletes have pushed limits to new, previously un-imagined heights, suddenly the old adage is not powerful or effective enough.  When your life is on the line, in the most extreme conditions on earth, "toughness" becomes insufficient.  Join Jon Turk, National Geographic awarded athlete in exploring, Fun, Flow, and Zen: Mindfulness of Business. 

Learn how the fundamentals of success in the highest levels of outdoor adventure apply to performance, safety, creativity, and teamwork in the office or industrial workplace you inhabit.



Praise for Jon Turk's Speaking

Your show in 2012 was one of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen 1000+1 of these things, really. A deep spiritual, almost shamanic experience.
— Alan Formanek: Director, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
It’s been a week and the whole team is still talking about your visit. The following day was a full day of technical training. Hearing your talk first, on the cultural imperatives of high performing teams, set the expectation for how to apply the technical tools and processes that came next. Hearing the team using adventure metaphors during the technical training was proof of that: “There’s a wolf outside your tent.” “Check the snow pack.” “You need 5000 calories a day or you freeze to death, period.” The technical training wouldn’t have nearly the same comprehension without your talk first. Thanks again!
—  David Etheridge:
All I have received are rave reviews of your talk at the event and everyone loved the workshop that attended.
— Cilla Ann Moseley:  Swan Ecosystem Center
The whole weekend was worth this one talk - thanks much!  Nice to have the balance between magic and logic at Canoecopia.
— Comment Sheet: Canoecopia
I will always come for Jon. interesting guy; profound messages; great storyteller; very unique speaker. Balance of magic vs. logic is what life is all about. AWESOME. Can’t wait to buy his new book.
— Comment Sheet: Canoecopia
Astounding content and a terrific delivery style. I loved the pauses and all the surprises. The uncertainty principle is very very large. I’m certain that everyone in that room was both awed and inspired and very very glad to be there last evening.
— Len Barron: Storyteller and Drama Instructor
Your presentation was one of the best, most entertaining and inspiring presentations I have ever seen. Your standing ovation was well deserved. 
— Sean Morley:  Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium
One of your fans told me that your presentation today was the best that they had ever heard in 13 years of attending Canoecopia events and presentations.  
— Darren Bush: Event Organizer at Canoecopia
Jon Turk is an amazing and gifted storytelling who helps audiences understand magic through his fascinating experiences, that lie outside of our linear models.  Jon made magic a presentable idea in a university setting. 
— Sarah Potenza: University of Montana
Jon’s energetic storytelling captures the audience, bringing them along on a wild ride through landscapes that many of us can only imagine. Everyone walks away from his stories with more insight into the world we all live in, the people we interact with, and the unseen gifts that we are given in challenging moments throughout our lives. I was honored to have Jon as a speaker in our lecture series. He inspired my students to go out there into the wild world, find their own stories, and create their own adventures.
— Jim Harrison: Grace A. Tanner Center for Human Values Southern Utah University
Not only was your presentation dynamic and inspiring, we are still talking about your incredible journey and cannot wait to have you both back! As Patagonia ambassadors, you represent adventure, environmental concern and pushing your own boundaries, and I can’t think of two people better suited for the job!
— Meredythe Goethe: Event Manager, Patagonia Store in New York
I saw you speak in Fort Bragg last week end and greeted you full of tears. I wish I could have been more articulate at that moment, but was so struck by your presentation, and presence, I think the most Real thing I could do was just say hello, and express my gratitude. I want to thank you for being so open and real about your adventures up north, and your realizations throughout that journey. It was your ease and fearlessness in conveying what you experienced that moved me so deeply, and struck a familiar chord in my own life. Somehow you simply stating what you know to be true, makes my existence valid.
— Angie, Fort Bragg, California