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Awards and Accolades Following the Ellesmere Expedition

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Top Ten Adventurers of the Year

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Best Expedition of the Year


First Place for Print Journalism

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New York Times Front Page

Finalist for Canadian "National Magazine Awards" (2015) for my article in Explore Magazine about the frozen iceman:

Kwaday Dän Ts’ìnchí, “Long Ago Person Found”

What's Happening Recently

Exploring Deep Wilderness Podcast Episode 13 -- Hiking the Bitterroot Divide
October 22

My my newest podcast is about a recent hike with my son-in-law, Deryl Gage along the Bitterroot Divide; left foot in Idaho, right foot in Montana (sort of) in early fall, as the tamaracks were golden.  No people, just the two of us, silence, and a seemingly infinite vista of mountains and wild landscapes. 
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Another Day in the Bitterroot
October 19

Slight drizzle today.  I have just finished a huge amount of work or non-work or non billable hours.  Rebuilt the website, which you see here, organized my photos, backed up everything.  Ready to jump into the fray with the edit and launch of Crocodiles and ice.  And oh yes, my nephew, Ben Wittes, a research fellow at the Brookings Institution, publicly called Putin a "wuss" and challenged him to a fight, "anywhere where you won't get me arrested."
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Exploring Deep Wilderness Podcast
Episode 12 - Luck, Skill & Death

Jon Turk tells two stories in which adventurers did not die because of some combination of luck and skill and analyzes which played what role. In one, he and his kayak get sucked into an underwater cave in British Columbia. In the other, an adventure partner gets stuck on the side of Mount Denali during dozens of avalanches.
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