TATC: Total Awareness; Total Clarity

What do journeys in remote and dangerous places teach us about life in the boardroom or in potentially dangerous industrial environments?

How do we act, in business or in our personal lives, When the Going Gets Tough?

How do we function when Failure is not an Option?


August, 2013, safety workshops for executives and supervisors

My contact was Pete Lawrenson, who was a US Army Ranger in Vietnam, and then the chief of police in Missoula, Montana before becoming the head of Security and Safety at MRL.

Immediately after the workshops, Pete emailed me:

"All morning as I walked through the main office building, person after person told me how valuable your presentation was, what a great speaker you are, and what an amazing life path you have followed.  The ripple effect of what you did to MRL will be realized for years to come."

Later, when he had more time, Pete wrote:

"Jon Turk is an amazing facilitator!  Having just completed 2 – 4 hour presentations to 100 Montana Rail Link supervisors and managers Jon captivated the audience. –     Jon’s unique speaking and presentation style engages the audience from his opening statement to his closing remarks. –    In almost 40 years of listening to consultants, experts and facilitators, Jon Turk rises above them all. –    Working with Jon Turk to develop a 4 hour training session was seamless.  Jon’s creative thinking, attention to detail, and knowing how to gain the attention of an audience made his presentation a complete success."