Crocodiles and ice
A journey into deep wild

From the deck of a kayak on the broad Pacific, to a journey across the Arctic Icepack so bold that it was acclaimed by both National Geographic and Canoe and Kayak Magazine, what do travels in remote landscapes teach us about our place as humans in this internet-crazed, oil-soaked modern world?

In storytelling fashion, backed by stunning imagery, Jon Turk will take you on a trans-global journey: sea kayaking in the Solomon Islands, the circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island in the polar Arctic, a bicycle ride across the Tibetan plateau to the birthplace of the Dalai Lama, and into our own backyards. These journeys constitute a quest for the “consciousness revolution” that must underlie humanity’s greater journey in the 21st century – with a reasonable hope of creating a peaceful equitable, healthy and sustainable world.

Looking backward into our Stone Age past and forward into the mysterious future, Jon guides a discussion about:

  • What is the meaning and relevance of a consciousness revolution, or a spiritual connectivity with nature?
  • What is our fundamental relationship with our communities and our planet? 
  • What happens when the Earth approaches environmental tipping points?
  • How do we respond when the going gets tough in a range of situations?