Wilderness speaks to us — but our minds are often so busy with chatter that we don’t listen.  If you travel in remote places for extended periods of time, gradually the “civilization cobwebs” dissipate, your mind slows down, and you listen to the Earth more acutely.  It’s more than listening, it is a reciprocal communication.

My workshops develop take-home practices that guide us toward approaching mindfulness by communicating with the Earth.  As the journey progresses: the air, rock, and water will teach us the obvious — to rejoice in life as it unfolds.

Sample Workshop

This workshop, Dance of the Tides, was developed in conjunction with Dr Jody Weber, my teacher, dear friend, and Artistic Director for Weber Dance.

The Koryak people of northeastern Siberia recognize that we are surrounded by many teachers: the shaman, the hunter, and the tundra itself. In Dance of The Tides, we honor this full and balanced circle of learning. Our journey together embraces mindfulness through a deep reciprocal communication with nature, combined with joyous body movement. We explore transcendence through the ecstasy of dancing to nature’s rhythms. (Dance choreography suitable for all ages and athletic abilities).

Workshop leaders are Dr. Jon Turk and Dr. Jody Weber. Jon is an award-winning global explorer, environmental advocate and author of twenty-eight books, including The Raven’s Gift: A Scientist, a Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness and Crocodiles and Ice: A Journey into Deep Wild. Jody is artistic director of Weber Dance in Boston, university professor of theater and dance, author, and shamanic practitioner.

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Together we build trust and tribal space, meditate, explore the tide zone, and create our dance. Alone you find your private sacred space to honor with sand paintings, photography or other forms of art. Together we learn ancient wisdom to integrate our chakra system with our physical well-being. We explore form, shape, space and energy. Evenings are punctuated with shared readings, art, and discussion. Your experience invites deep listening to the spirit of wilderness, and it can transform your connection with nature, love and life. Your heart opens to joy as your body dances with the natural world.