Synchronicity and
the Sacred Space

For about a year and a half, from the spring of 2011 on and off to August, 2015, I worked with  Weber Dance Company, from Boston, to develop, produce, and perform a joint storytelling/dance performance called Synchronicity and the Sacred Space. Through storytelling and dance, this performance probes the strange landscape where scientific thought encounters the unknown, and human perception and reality are fluid partners.

In the words of Jody Weber, artistic director and CFG (Chief Fairy Godmother) of Weber Dance:
In late 2009, I began work on a project about multiple ways of perceiving the world. My interest was in the power western thought has on the way that we experience and interpret the world around us. Certainly there are many cultures around the planet that have alternative ways of perceiving and interacting with the physical and cultural landscapes around us.  I was particularly interested in what happens when these oppositional ways of perceiving collide. Then I read Jon Turk’s book, The Raven’s Gift Turk was a trained scientist who had just an encounter than permanently altered his worldview.

Jon and I joined creative forces to create a full evening length performance that documents selected portions of Jon’s experience through both movement and spoken word. Together we chose seven stories from his travels. Jon tells his stories as part of the performance. Each story is followed by a section of integrated dance that propels the essence of the story into metaphoric imagery that unfolds in the audience’s imagination. Our hope is that in developing this model, viewers will experience the story as their own and connect more deeply to the tales. The story isn’t just something that happened to Jon “out there.” It is happening in the performance space in the very moment of the piece.

Perhaps we have performed Synchronicity for the last time.  Perhaps not.  No one knows.  But my journey with the dancers has profoundly affected me in ways I am only gradually discovering.

"It’s a charming, 45-minute work that juxtaposes Turk’s stories with lyrical yet muscular dancing by Weber Dance.” We traveled together and lived as a tribe, in Boston, San Francisco, Juneau, and throughout the Northern Rockies, and I will always cherish those moments."

Twice rated "Critics Pick" by The Boston Globe