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Burnside/Bathurst Inlet

As I build this website, one page at a time, I look back at the list of expeditions over the past decade or so, and feel privileged that at 68 years old, I still have the health and desire to visit remote wildernesses.  Yes, I am toning down in terms of an imaginary hierarchy of global “Going Bigness”.  But I am not backing off, one nano-meter, in terms of enjoyment.  Maybe, even, when the veil of “Bigness” is removed and the ambition of goals and expectations evaporate, I am having even more fun.  I don’t know.  I’m not 12 years old, launching spitballs at my teacher.  The definition of "fun" changes as you grow older. In the summer of 2014, my wife, Nina, my younger daughter, Noey, her boyfriend, Glen, and my son-in-law Deryl floated the Burnside, a Class III river in the Canadian Barrenlands.

We used an assortment of Innova inflatable kayaks.  The choice of inflatables originated because we cut charter aircraft costs considerably.  But once we were in the water, we loved them because they were fun.  Bomber Gear was our clothing sponsor.

After we reached the ocean, Deryl and I continued another 250 miles up Bathurst Inlet to the hamlet of Cambridge Bay.  The inflatos would have worked, but at an old trading post, now a wilderness lodge, we found two modern plastic sea kayaks in a church.  We located the owners, made a deal, and continued along our way.  Given a good boat, I can still paddle 30 miles a day in a pinch, but more than that, I still love the silence and purity of the arctic.